the timeless ritual of male bonding


Original art by ZiNO

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it’s all fun and games playing fake mafia boss until instead of kissing it, buccellati takes your finger into their mouth and you feel mista shift uncomfortably behind you.


ok omg it took me so much courage to post this i tried rly hard but i feel like i made this look so silly THIS IS FANART FOR A FIC THAT I READ AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE /////blushes

link to the fic here!!! (please do not remove this for any reason)

and the author on tumblr is thewaterdoesntlikehim !!

its such a good fic, i NEVER EVER thought pacific rim and haikyuu crossover could work but its SO WELL DONE so please give it a chance as well and go read it! its written so nicely and it made me laugh and cry so much and if you know me at all you know how picky of a reader i can be ////

note that the fic is also pretty long (dang i love this) and currently unfinished tho;;;


maybe if i upload these at night no one will see my shame


Something for a thing that I do sometimes when I remember to


Morioh’s finest police duo meet a troublemaker on their way home.